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a poem by Robert White, who served with Juarez Roberts during the war.


Juarez when I awoke this morning feeling kinda low.
I thought, that can’t be true with someone like you I know.
Listen Juarez I was in paradise when I was with you.
You made me glitter like a cool morning dew.
A friend like you Juarez is a friend for life.
And it is so rigid you can’t cut it with a knife.
I know our friendship is not far apart.
But if it is, I will build a short bridge to your heart.
Juarez I may act a little crazy and sometime a little wild.
But every time I looked at you, you seem too be wearing a smile.
I am not perfect Juarez I don’t claim to be.
Just give me a chance and you will see.
How nice it is to know a friend like you.
And how nice it is to have shared laugh or two.
Sometime it’s lonesome and impossible to smile.
But the thoughts of you Juarez it lasts only for a little while.
The memories of yesterday as darkness begin to dim.
I hope I give you a little sunshine before your day ends.
As you go thru your illness, I am in a world of fear.
I will pray for you each night as I shed a tear.
When you suffer Juarez I will be suffering too.
I feel your pain just like you do.
I love to live with honor, never in disgrace.
I loved it when you lifted me up with your smiling face.
You give me joy and lots of fun.
That’s why I have determined you’re number one.
As the sun starts to set in the west.
I hope I have put forth my very best.
But if I haven’t it’s no fault of our own.
Just open your heart, I won’t take much room.
And Juarez I know you will soon be fine.
And it will only be a matter of time.
Well I am guessing it’s about time to call it a day.
But before I do, there is something else I need to say.
Thanks for your hope and faith in me.
It’s like a sparkling refreshing late evening rain.

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